Life Satisfaction

Life Satisfaction

Life Satisfaction means everything in Life, It doesn’t mean by which you get satisfied ever it may be money or any other thing which you are searching for.

There are no proper definitions of satisfaction in life. There is a different perspective for different people on satisfaction. Satisfaction will come when our goals come true. Everyone will have Specific desires once it fill full they will be relaxed for some time.

  1. For some getting a job is their goal.
  2. Getting a hazard to prove in the film industry is the goal.
  3. For some to start up a new firm or commercial enterprise is their goal.
  4. To begin their existence with a caring partner and lovely children.
  5. For some human beings getting the basic needs food,fabric safe haven is wanted it will supply them satisfaction.

Depends on their existence fashion how they develop up the will have different matters to get satisfied. Everyone’s delight will in no way come to an end. It will be a continuous process. Nobody will be okay with some aspect it will usually be changing in this developing world.

Same goal for Different people.

  1. For each day wage humans getting a home is the biggest dream of his life getting a small 1BHK domestic in a small town he will work tough complete his lifestyles to gain it. It will provide him with pride for him.
  2. If an everyday It worker to get a 2BHK apartment in a metro metropolis is his intention he will purchase it for a mortgage however he won’t be cosy till his loan clears. To clear that he will do the equal job which he is not cosy for him.


Depends on their lifestyle how they develop up the will have distinctive matters to get satisfied. Everyone’s pleasure will never come to an end. It will be a continuous process. Nobody will be blissful with some component it will continually be modified in this developing world.

Satisfaction with your life will come from yourself no longer from exterior factor. Satisfaction will in most cases comes from your happiness. if you do things which you like and make you glad, you will be satisfied.

Be Happy and stay satisfied.





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