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Orpiv provides world-class service for inbound calling, outbound calling, web chat and appointment setting. Grow your business with orpiv and make use of every opportunity to promote your products and services with our remarkable customer care. Orpiv is all about sharing services through voice and adding care through calls.


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Eye-catching View

Working as a customer care executive it often becomes hard to spend long hours of your job. This lack of a refreshed environment can impact the efficiency of work. But not with orpiv, once you enter the building of 35,000 sq. ft. with three parks full of greenery and a middle fountain, it lifts your mood instantly urging you to your work. This garden area is where most of our meetings/events are held. Orpiv has a fully furnished canteen and a completely secured office area with 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance.


check  Beautifully designed landscape with sparsely green gardens and a fountain that not only captures the attention of visitors but keeps our employees and the environment fresh.
check A smart parking system that accommodates over 40 cars at a time to reduce traffic congestion 
check For the security of workers and proper management of the office, we have 24/7 CCTV surveillance
check Beautiful view with a fountain to look over when you are bored or stressed.

Orpiv Reception Area

Orpiv call center has a friendly environment for their employees and workers. Our reception area is big enough for 15 people to wait. It is fully furnished and equipped with the latest stuff for their entertainment. Orpiv doesn’t just hold one reception, instead to divide the workload we have another reception upstairs. This one is also equipped with all facilities, comfortable furniture, and a beautiful balcony to look over the amazing lawn, apple orchards, and fresh air while sipping your coffee.


check The most comfortable and spacious waiting area with a cozy and calm environment.
check Kill your boredom with the interesting magazines available for you to read.
check Our Sophisticated interior design will amaze your eyes.
check With two reception areas, 30 people at a time can spend quality time in our welcome zone.
check Proper heating and cooling facilities provide contentment and serenity.

Orpiv Production Floor

With beautiful reception, our main office building consists of two production floors with a total space of 5,500 sqft. Both of these floors are provided with tools that are equipped with modern technology and secured with biometric locks as well as CCTV surveillance. Floors have comfortable chairs and desks for our workers. The entire office has an uninterrupted backup power supply and high internet connectivity and two laser printers for an efficient working environment for our employees.


check The production space is comfortable for more than 80 people working at the same time.
check All-inclusive cooling and heating system on both floors for comfort of employees
check Intercom offers our employees a convenient way of communicating throughout the office
check Alexa to provide 24/7 assistance to our teams and enhance their work efficiency. With Alexa, it's easy for our employees to track their schedule.
check Different office cabins for different employees according to their posts. 

Orpiv Board Room

If you are impressed with our working space and reception areas then our conference room will take your breath away. It is situated on the second floor with a capacity of 30 people to attend the meeting at a time. The meeting room of orpiv customer support has two big smart screens (65 inches and 55inches) installed. These televisions are full time connected to Avaya phones and devices with high-speed internet connectivity. This board room is perfect for video calls, conference calls. Board meetings, management discussion, and other important decision-making matters. This room is also connected to Alexa search gadgets. Our conference room is installed with modern furniture and unique gadgets.


check Big screens for attending webinars or video conferences. 
check The availability of uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity in our board room makes it possible for us to continue working without any hurdles.
check Specially designed meeting room with latest technology for steady conference and video calls.
check Two high speed computers connected to both screens for online training and meetings.

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