Inbound Calling Service

Customer support service turns is an integral part of any business and picking a viable organization for your business is basic in this modern digital age.

Dealing with inbound calls may appear to be a basic idea you get a call, you respond to it however, any client-driven organization will know that there's a workmanship and science to taking care of inbound calls to best serve your client (and your business).


We deliver satisfaction through calls

Unlimited possibilities

Our well-trained call center agents are providing accurate product/service information to all our inbound client calls and giving their best to satisfy our customers and help them in tackling their issues as soon as possible.

Enterprise ready solution

We at Orpiv have dedicated call center agents who are well versed and knowledgeable and provide instant customer support service to our customers round the clock. We offer both b2b and b2c cold calling service to our clients.


Turning angry customer into happy one

Inbound calling also includes complaint handling and we have trained our staff to handle such calls. We dont end up the call unless your customer is satisfied. Our main goal is to resolve your customers issue and end the call on a good note. We handle all complaint calls with care and in most of the case we provide on call resolution.

Inbound Team

Our team is focused on high customer satisfaction, and we have a good track record of customer retention and a high success rate. We help businesses to grow, from boosting their sale to generating revenue by using different tools; our motive is to help startups and big brands alike to achieve their goals.


Amazing customer satisfaction

We represent your brand and its our responsibility to address all queries or questions from your customer and make sure they are satisified with our answers.

Call Recording functionalities

Each and every call is recorded and is stored for 30 days. Our clients can listen to live calls or they can search for a call through number and listen to it.

Customized CRM as per your needs

We offer CRM so that you can track each and every call. When ever our agent makes call they will dial the number through CRM and you can monitor the progress and analytics anytime. We can use your CRM as well.

Immediate response

Customer dont like waiting thats why we have use automation tools to route calls and we make sure AHT, ART are under control. We make sure each and every call is answered in 30 seconds.

Contact our specialist directly

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