Outbound Calling Service

Orpiv technology has a highly competent, and customer-centric team who always use modern techniques to improve your sales and help you to grow in your industry by understanding your needs. We provide seamless call handling round the clock.

Our call center executives have over five years of experience in this domain, and they are mainly focused on improving good relationships with their clients. We at orpiv have a specialized team of outbound calling professionals


Outbound Call Center


Why Orpiv

check Stupendous business growth
check Better customer acquisition
check High sales conversion rate

Outbound Service from Orpiv

check Reach targeted demographics
check Expand your customer base
check Increase sales and revenue

Connecting Values

check Inbound call center agents work to answer the phone calls, while the outbound call center agents usually are the ones to make the calls.
check We at Orpiv are perfectionists in offering unrivaled outbound calling services to businesses. Moreover, the resultant heightened brand and the business image will pave the way for tremendous business growth and stability.
check Work round the clock to put forward the best services in terms of service platform

Helping you connect and grow

check Drive conversion by promoting services/products through outbound marketing campaigns
check Retain customers with engaging brand awareness calls
check Follow up to drive customers back to your business website

The voice of your business

check Our blended call center solution turns each customer interaction into something extraordinary. Treat your customers to next-level calling service utilizing integrated call center technology in an all-in-one multi-channel communication solution.
check Harness the power of advanced telephony integrations expertly implementing call-routing, help desk ticketing, tag-based calling, call reports, and get scripts.
check We help create meaningful relationships with customers through advanced customer engagement, security, authentication, support, and retention strategies.

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