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Our team has gained fair experience over the years. We make sales call on behalf of your business, and in return, your business will have maximized sales and revenue. Excellent communication skills and strong command over language are few qualities of our employees.


Professional Sales Experts

Our professional executives and customer service experts are specialized in commercial appeals. They have great communication skills y which is beneficial in explaining the product to the customer and helping to achieve their requests. So, if you want to outsource your call centre operations to Orpiv as we have the best executives to manage your sales calls.

Our sales calling experts are well motivated and informed to identify the right prospect. Our sales rep has the ability to call more than 80 prospects a day with success. We have hired very patient, knowledgeable, hardworking and talented executives to handle your business operations with accuracy.

Sales Experts

We offer solutions before we offer our product, where most people pitch their products without explaining the benefits. Orpiv executives are dedicated to providing solutions to your queries and make effective sale calls. Our priority is to build a rapport and provide the best sales solutions, our executives are committed and they know how to sell the solution and how to resolve the issue.

Our sales executives let you know about our product and they are able to explain every single detail and convince customers of the product benefits.


Patience is key to success in Sales !!

Our sales rep is very well mannered and they know how to deal with a customer. Sometimes we have to deal with very harsh and rude clients, and that is the real talent to make them cool and let them understand why they need our product and it can happen with good customer service skills and correct knowledge only.Every sales rep should set a goal and it’s necessary to think about target setting. Orpiv executive’s priorities daily target setting and this strategy help them to reach for their goals. We have energetic people on board. Who are ready to explore your great ideas and ready to give their 100%, 24/7.

We have trained our sales reps with the mindset of result orientedness. We have an enthusiastic executive, who generate new ideas, and ready to meet the new challenges and are process-driven.The success of your organization depends on how well you determine the things. Sales calls are considered as the backbone of any business, it is very difficult to convince people and selling can be considered an art and we produce artists here, sales calling artists, who are aware how to deal with a prospect.

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