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To steal the spotlight in this glittery world, it is necessary to come up with unique and fascinating ideas. In todays world ordinary ideas will not capture the heart of any resident of this extraordinary world. So here we are as a cost effective b2b company with great ideas for lead generation, web designing, and marketing that will transform your business.


Few Words About Our Company

Orpiv Technologies was established in 2014. The journey started with a small team of five professionals working enthusiastically to make a difference in the field of web and technology. In 2015, the company was incorporated and gradually the team increased as the company achieved milestones of success and now the small team of five has reached the count of thirty-five. Our teams are committed to provide high-quality marketing and custom development solutions to small and big businesses alike. In this small duration, we have successfully established a strong relationship with numerous clients all around the globe. With the passage of time, our continuous efforts for innovative solutions have helped us in making a good name in the market of software development and digital marketing solutions. Right from the start we have focused on keeping the cost at minimum so that smaller businesses could also benefit from our reliable services and also it does not put a lot of extra burden on larger businesses as well considering the vast range of services required by them.

Website Development

As the market is growing globally, it has become extremely important for businesses to compete with providers all over the world by using latest technological solutions especially web-based to remain ahead of other competitors or even remain in business for a longer duration. In order to give your customers 24/7 access to your products and services, web-based solutions become an integral part of your business and act as your business outlet all over the world. This also helps you marking your presence as well as closing deals with customers locally as well as globally with much lower cost. We provide fully customized, end-to-end web-based solutions for our clients tailored as per their business needs. This helps them in making their online presence more prominent for their customers and gain more business from all over the globe.

Marketing Solutions

At present most of the customers focus on social media before making up their mind to purchase anything. It gives them the advantage of getting third person review as well as a comparison between different vendors of the same products. This has also inspired the business community to innovate their businesses through advanced digital solutions, and also plan their marketing strategy based upon Digital Marketing solutions of the present era. One of the most important solution in digital marketing is social media marketing which has become quite mandatory for a business to reach out to its customers effectively. It is an amazing opportunity as well as a challenge for many businesses as they don't have the necessary experience and an efficient plan to reach out to their potential customers and direct their marketing towards the most relevant people among the masses which interact with them or their social media marketing tools. Therefore, in order to remain ahead of your competitors and grow your business at a faster pace, it is necessary to use the digital marketing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Lead Generation

Are you striving hard for the initiation of consumer interest in your business and products but failing badly? How passionate is a worker who puts enormous efforts and suffers from the strenuous struggle but never gives up! If you are that one then please let the world know! Don't lose hope. Orpiv Technologies is here to brighten up your life. You don’t have to put enormous efforts or to go through the strenuous struggle just to capture the attention of customers. Orpiv is ready to give you helping hands for the generation of most exciting leads. A big step towards a successful business career is an incredible advertisement. Although you can design fascinating pamphlets, attractive billboards and broachers for promoting your business, you can also do advertisement through TVCs and audio commercials but advertising your business with the help of internet and social media is a whole new thing.

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Web Solutions

Orpiv Technologies could help you in making your business presence more prominent online by providing web-based solutions for your company and business needs. The high-quality web-based solutions are tailored specifically to our client needs and include web designing, web application development, web hosting, SSL certificate management.

Marketing Solutions

Orpiv Technologies comprehensive digital marketing solutions cover a wide range of marketing solutions using web- based technologies. It includes lead generation services, web research, handling social media presence and marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

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Lead Generation

We can make good use of linked in conducting research for potential customers before the B2B marketers and sales people come into contact with them. This will really make the sales and marketing strategies objection since the sales and marketing team will approach the customers with background knowledge on their tastes and preferences.

One Stop Solution

Now you can get all b2b services under one roof be it web development, social media management or marketing solutions. We have a team of experts to handle all your requests. We understand importance of deadlines and make sure to deliver on time. We offer support through Chat, Email and Call.