Social Media Marketing

80% of Customers most of the focus on social media before making up their mind to purchase anything. It gives them the advantage of getting third person review as well as a comparison between different vendors of the same products.


Profile Management

So, you want to get into social media but don’t know how? Boost brand traffic, engagement, and awareness with the right social media marketing service! Those who frequently visit many social media sites know that numerous companies advertise their wares on these websites. This marketing technique has taken the world of online shopping by the breeze. Most companies take advantage of this phenomenon to make people aware of their services and products. Seems easy to you, but unfortunately that is not the case.There are many different types of social media marketing service easily accessible to consumers who want to expand their online presence and business. You can hire Orpiv Technologies to navigate through the competitive and confusing world of networking sites.

Modern Era Marketing

You no longer need to depend on traditional services that could cost you a vast amount of money and even kill much of your time, only to sit there and hoped that you could have the best placement or biggest ad. Networking sites (e.g., Facebook) enable their users to receive and share information quickly and easily. Users can also develop working business links or friendships with some people. This form of innovation offers a wider scope of prospective customers. Social Media Marketing is an Imperative Business Services for Modern Era

Creative Marketing Approach

First off, social media refers to the several types of social networks which include popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They connect thousands and even millions of people with certain interests, relations, and demography through the use of the internet. Therefore, an online community is built. The services we provide vary from one client’s needs to the others. From maintaining and setting up accounts on LinkedIn to handling design and up keeping posts, comments, and announcements, Orpiv Technologies got you covered! We are a reliable company who has the firm dedication to carry out specific tasks. This will warranty that your business or company has a focused team of professionals working to support you throughout. Our designers and consultants can design and perform necessary approaches so that your company achieves all marketing goals and requirements.


To lay down the concrete foundations of a hardworking and intelligent team we follow the principle of Thomas A. Edison who says; “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” Our team is available on a daily basis so you can access the team anytime for the bookings. We have kept our prices low so that everyone could afford them easily. We will introduce you to a life-changing marketing and promotional way that will take your business to a whole new level. The wonderful team of Orpiv Technologies Private Limited strives day and night to meet the expectations of their customers. We hire a team member after a lot of research and verification. We not only check the qualifications of a person but we also check out the experience and talent. So you will not be disappointed after taking help from our skilled and professional team. They all go through the necessary pieces of training before they start their work practically.

Incredible Marketing Team

Our incredible team is putting enormous efforts to find out the unique and most effective ways to attract the client. They go through the strenuous struggle to get more and more engagement. Our company uses LinkedIn for lead generation. To provide you up to the mark results for your business at an affordable price, we strive really hard. We are using LinkedIn as a powerful tool to fight against all the hurdles that usually come in between promoting the eligible and talented people who deserve much more engagement and appreciation than they are receiving already. We consider LinkedIn the most suitable medium for marketing and promotion a well. Orpiv provides the best possible services for creating leads. We believe that your content must stand out among all your competitors.

Spot Light

Social networking websites has stolen the spotlight, social media is being used by companies and individuals for the generation of leads for gaining business opportunities. Many companies all across the globe are actively participating in social networks

Content Is King

Social media marketing is more than just a tool for making a social sharing profile, strategies, and badges, designing blogs, and analyzing competitors. Know how this service can benefit both you and your brand.

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Our prices are always fair and competitive. You can expect that there are no surprise bills. Any added or unexpected fees should be pre-approved by you. That’s how our company would want to be treated, and that’s how our customers are always treated.

A Plan for Success

Taking advantage of social media doesn’t have to be too complex or time-consuming on your part - let Orpiv Technologies advertise your business on social media, boost your visibility, engage with audiences and clients, establish a solid fan base, and more! Our marketing services are time-tested by businesses of all forms.