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Orpiv Technologies is composed of a bunch of passionate individuals who are steered by a creative spirit and intuitive thinking. Armed with expertise and guided by innovation, our enterprising arsenal has some of the best minds in the world of web design and development.



It’s been more than five years since the establishment of our company but it still needs support from you, the loyal and above all independent-minded people that share that vision. This is because, all the visionary people, who support us, who constructively criticize us and most importantly, who recognize our efforts, are the driving force behind this company. You people are pushing us forward. Thank you so much to all of you for taking this journey with us. We are humble and amazed after receiving so much love and appreciation from people all across the globe. We do not brag about our own services, and we don’t brag about our own undertaking. You can expect the greatest clearness and honesty in our offerings. That’s because we always make an efficient approach which dashes through the mess to mark right on your business needs. Our dependable team of professionals examines your website needs, and we will develop an applicable strategy special to your requirements. At Orpiv Technologies, you receive the solutions, which are always the best!

3D Web Designing

Orpiv Technologies is a place with a bunch of creative people who have expertise in website designing specially in 3d designing. We provide every thing that a business needs right from getting a domain name, web hosting, website development, website designing, SSL certificate and 24×7 customer support. if you don't have a website yet, we can help you by creating a brand new website for your business if you already have a website and that is designed in 2d, we will design it in 3d and you will see the difference. You will get a new look for your website that is more real and interactive.


Orpiv is all about being  creative and making websites interactive when it comes to designing. There are lot of companies in the market who are into website designing but what makes us different from them is our creativity and our team of web designing experts. We  provide quality services that too at a very reasonable prices. We charge low as compared to other service providers. Our services start from $99 only.
There was a time when business would run offline only but with the introduction of internet, the way of doing business changed completely. Nowadays many businesses run globally and in order to make your business global, you need a platform and there is no better platform than internet to do this job. But in order to use this feature you need to have a website so that you can tell people what product or service you sell, you price, you can advertise your products as well and there are a lot of thing which you can do with the help of your website.


 Your website is the face of your business it is the first thing your customer look at and as they say FIRST IMPRESSION IS LAST IMPRESSION. Don’t your think your website should be so attractive that it creates an everlasting impression to your visitors. NOW YOUR CLIENT’S DONT VISIT YOUR OFFICE THEY VISIT YOUR WEBSITE. Humans are fond of beauty and our eyes love beautiful thing. This applies to websites as well, if there are two website one beautifully designed and developed and the other one is poorly designed using outdated technologies, chances are that the customer will opt for a website that is well designed and maintained.

Client Testimonials


There are lot of businesses that have websites but they are designed using 2d technology. when we watch a 2d movie it looks like a normal video, but when we watch a 3d movie, we feel as the thing are happening in the theatre rather than on a projector. If gives us a real feeling of a scenes. Similarly if you see a 2d website even though that may be well designed , you will not have that kind of a feeling as compared to a 3d website, that is more interactive, graphical and that gives you a feeling of interactive content.
3d website designing started few years back. With the introduction of CSS3 and HTML5, the demand for 3d designing got very high. 3d designing gives a new look to your websites and that contributes alot to your business.
Orpiv is all about giving an elegant look to your website. Our team uses 3d technology to make your website beautiful and user friendly. We help with website development as well as designing.

Great Attention to Details

It is our attention to small things, keen project management and scheduling of timelines, which makes Orpiv Technologies stand out from the rest. We are composed of creative people while keeping a close eye on your budget and the calendar.


We bring our comprehensive and diverse background of strategic planning, research, public relations, branding, design, and advertising to work for your company. Not just will your materials look amazing. They will also receive wonderful results.

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Our prices are always fair and competitive. You can expect that there are no surprise bills. Any added or unexpected fees should be pre-approved by you. That’s how our company would want to be treated, and that’s how our customers are always treated.

A Plan for Success

We understand that you want results. We have discovered that the ideal way to achieve them is with upfront research – of your own business, competitors, your client psychographics, and target market. Only after our team completely understands you and your clients, so we suggest a plan of attack.