Staring Orpiv was an inspired decision.We decided to offer IT related services be it web or lead generation service at  affordable cost. Right from the start we have focused on keeping the cost at minimum so that smaller businesses could also benefit from our reliable services.

What is Our Goal

Orpiv Technologies s’ goal is to provide small, medium, and large-scale businesses a comprehensive approach to professional quality website solutions, information technology solutions, data solutions, and business solutions services. All of these services are well-performed and well-managed according to your own preferences relative to the specific needs of your business.Our goal is to create engaging websites that are in line with your business goals and strategies. With a high flexibility, you can be sure your full satisfaction is our main concern.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of experts who are highly experienced and highly competent in the field. Our team has successfully completed a significant number of projects for different clients situated from different countries. With their skills and abilities, all kinds of projects are in good hands.

Why We are Best

We are a developer of affordable and cost-effective solutions to your business situations. Through our service, you will be able to establish effective online visibility, efficient data management, increasing sale revenues, and progressive productive

Orpiv Technologies

We understand that every website should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but should also come out user friendly, fully functional and efficiently optimized. Whether you have existing websites or you want to come up with a new one, our web solution service will help you achieve your website goals. From planning, designing, implantation, monitoring and support, and maintenance, our service is highly reliable. We involve different varieties of hardware and software platforms, third party utilities and tool, middleware, graphical and design methods, and several other kinds of application software to supply the best technology and strategy with respect to the situation and position of the business. We always guarantee that our solutions benefit you and that it will produce a satisfying experience towards our services. When it comes to IT solutions, our service is competitive and meets dynamic market activities and expectations. We comply with the most recent IT technology in order to support all the needs of your business when it comes to software designing, IT and network support.

Our Services


Business Solutions

We understand that companies nowadays take advantage of social media marketing effects. In order to give your business the most effective digital marketing tools, we offer great designing services to enhance your brand promotion.

Data Solutions

Companies inevitably build-up massive amounts of data overtime. With our data solutions services, you will be able to input, manage, secure, and store your data with ease and convenience.

Web Design

With our full website design service, you will be building your brand along with an excellent website. We love to hear your concepts and ideas and help you create these things into reality. Our professional web architects, who are highly proficient in their field, will support you and give you the most visually appealing custom graphical designs. We make used of professional graphical software to manage the entire visual elements of your websites. We guarantee in bringing your website to life with smooth and jargon free navigation, functional buttons, and responsive performance so your customers can access your website’s content with efficiency.

Content Writing

We have expert copywriters who can provide you the most compelling content for your website’s pages, which is very effective in reaching out to your company’s target audience. Hence, you will be building a communication link between your company and your potential customers through the conveyance of sensible thoughts and information. Moreover, our service also ensures that search engines will love your website contents so that you will have an excellent instrument for both search engine and social media marketing. With these things in hand, your website’s online reputation is well managed as well as your relations with your existing and potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

What would be the value of a website if nobody can find it? At Orpiv, aside from providing you the most efficient web elements, we also optimize your websites so that search engines, like Google, can find you. Our SEO specialists employ effective techniques in building a strong foundation for a search engine optimized website. This will provide your business the opportunity to gain more traffic and generate leads. You will also be provided with up-to-date and accurate information about your website’s performance and progress as we include Google Analytics reporting in our service. In this way, you will be able to track your metrics, which can serve as your basis in making decisions for your business.

Data Management

Orpiv Solutions helps businesses across several types of industries in coming up with an effective data framework for business optimization. Properly managing the entire data lifecycle of the company is essential in building a competitive edge over competitors. We facilitate our data management solution through an optimized data driven application. With our service, you can improved your company’s data access with speed, achieve service targets through automated and simplified data models, provided with easy to access and easy to use data interface, and conveniently transforms data from wide array of sources. Our experts guarantee that the service is tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing Material

Marketing materials are more than just texts and printed papers. These are essential tools when you want to leave company information to your customers while positioning your brand strategically. Orpiv Technologies marketing material design and printing service ensures that the finished products will justify company objectives and goals. Since digital marketing platforms are trending nowadays, we develop online marketing materials for your digital marketing campaigns such as digital brochure, social media marketing advertisements, and email marketing materials. Moreover, we also design and print hard-copied marketing materials that include brochures, business cards, and infographics.

Web Solutions

In today’s generation, when we talk about business we also include the concept about online marketing. This subject primarily involves the use of responsive and functional websites so that customers can easily check the kinds of services that a business has. Thus, it is very important that company websites should be able to meet the expectations and demands, not only of the company per se, but also of its target customers. With our web solutions service, we start the deal with an understanding of our client’s business and its goals. In this way, we will be able to grasp a profound comprehension about their needs and requirements, which will give us direction on how we should start the service.


At Orpiv, we support your company’s marketing goals. Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business, we implement a satisfying approach towards your website needs. Whatever is your end goal – whether to create brand awareness provide basic or detailed information about your products and services, attract more customers and generate leads through creative content, sell online products and services to a specific audiences, or improved your brand recognition in the dynamic face of online markets among others, Orpiv marketing experts will be there to assist you.

Website Security

The digital age is inevitably vulnerable to malicious hackers and tricksters. For some businesses, data security is compromised by leakages through social media networks, or contributed by unprotected distribution across cloud servers and computer networks. With our data security service, we guarantee competence in striking the balance between legitimate data access and protection of data information. Our highly skilled security professionals are equipped with the advanced knowledge about data risk assessment, data protection audits, data encryption, data masking solution, and end-to-end data security among others. We integrate absolute security from your gateways towards mobile devices with multiple layers of comprehensive security management platforms.

Promotional Material

At Orpiv Technologies , we specialise in producing and printing creative and professional decorations for your company’s promotional material needs. We provide our clients creative designs and ensure quick and timely delivery. Our work is motivated by our goal in providing absolute satisfaction to our clients. We have outstanding finished products that meet our clients’ decoration requirements and output expectations. Knowing our industry pushes us to look for innovative ways so we stand unique among other providers. Our service also includes digital pad and pad printing, screen printing, embossing or foil stamping, and artwork designing.

Branding and Logo

A logo is a symbol that represents the overall quality and character of your company in the market. At Orpiv Technologies, we fully support your company goal, which is why we designed custom logos professionally. We have made few logos for small and medium sized businesses who want to promote their brands online. Our service is tailored to your needs and preferences. Whatever are your concepts and ideas, we develop them into reality. Our logo designers are very talented and effective in delivering logos that attract public recognition. We make use of professional designing software that furnishes custom logos you will instantly approve. Our logo design packages are fairly created at very cost-effective, reasonable prices.